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UEN, Metro Esports Partner For HBCU Internships, Business Opportunities

The digital media company has entered into a partnership with an esports platform to transform HBCU students with internships and business opportunities.

HOUSTON — Metro Esports, a leading organization in the esports industry, has formed a groundbreaking partnership with Urban Edge Network, LLC.  The alliance will offer an invaluable media experience through UEN’s HBCU+ program and other media-related initiatives.  HBCU students will have an opportunity to earn an accredited Esports Business Certificate.

Over the years, UEN has evolved into one of the leading media organizations focusing on publishing and distributing content from historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs).  Urban Edge Network and Metro Esports are committed to supporting and developing the future esports industry professionals and media talents from diverse backgrounds with their all-inclusive approach.

Urban Edge Network, LLC is renowned for its exceptional contributions to the media landscape, particularly in amplifying the voices and stories of HBCUs. UEN provides various services as a media company, including media asset creation, content distribution, on-site event execution, experiential marketing activities, and media planning. HBCU +, a flagship project by UEN, showcases the best collegiate esports within historically black colleges and universities, enhancing visibility and opportunities for student gamers.

UEN HBCU+ Metro Esports

Hardy Pelt, Chief Revenue Officer for Urban Edge Network, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating, “At Urban Edge Network, we are passionate about uplifting communities and empowering young talents through media and education. Collaborating with Metro Esports to offer an Esports Business Certificate will help us further our mission by merging the realms of esports and media. We look forward to providing students with transformative experiences in the esports business world and media industry.”

STEM.ORG accredits the Esports Business Certificate program, developed by Metro Esports, and will provide aspiring, current, and alums with a comprehensive curriculum encompassing various facets of the esports industry and media landscape. Participants will gain specialized knowledge in areas such as:

  • Intro to Game Programming
  • Esports Event Management
  • Intro to Programming with Python
  • Content Creation
  • Principles of Esports Business Management

“Urban Edge Network is at the forefront of HBCU Sports, and we cannot be more excited to create competitive gaming experiences built for affinity together. The partnership’s holistic approach also seeks to equip students not only with in-depth esports business acumen but also with valuable media skills that are increasingly relevant in this digital age,” Shaon Berry, CEO of The Metro Sports & Entertainment Group, said.

Upon completing the Esports Business Certificate program, students will have the extraordinary opportunity to apply for internships at both Metro Esports and Urban Edge Network, LLC. Internship positions may include:

  1. Esports Event Management
  2. Esports Marketing and Partnerships
  3. Esports Business Development
  4. Social Media Content Creation and Distribution
  5. Experiential Marketing in Esports
  6. Media Planning and Execution

These internships will provide hands-on experience and networking opportunities, allowing students to explore diverse career paths in the esports and media industries.

Registration for the Esports Business Certificate program will commence on August 28th, 2023. Interested students can find more information and apply at

About Metro Esports

The Metro Sports & Entertainment Group is a Philadelphia-based multicultural production agency with (3) key verticals, including Gaming & Esports / STEM & Tech. Education and Metaverse Production.

About Urban Edge Network, LLC.: Urban Edge Network, LLC.

Urban Edge Network, LLC (UEN) is a dynamic media company that publishes and distributes content from historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs). As a visionary force in the media landscape, UEN offers media asset creation, content distribution, on-site event execution, experiential marketing activities, and media planning, amplifying the voices and stories of HBCUs.

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