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Welcome to Metro Sports and Entertainment Group: Shaping the Digisphere

Where Passion Meets Purpose: Life-Changing Multicultural Digital Experiences

Founded in 2017 with headquarters in the suburban area of Philadelphia, Metro Sports and Entertainment Group is not just an agency; it’s a digital sports and entertainment media company designed for affinity. Our mission is to revolutionize the Digisphere, fostering creativity, education, and diversity for all skill levels.

Metro Esports: A Thrilling Journey Awaits

At the core of our vision is Metro Esports, our dynamic division featuring cutting-edge Gaming & Technology labs spread throughout the northeast. Brace yourself for a wave of new Gaming Labs, electrifying esports tournaments, and mind-bending Metaverse and AR/VR experiences.

Unlocking the Power of Gaming and Esports

We're driven by two powerful goals: to create access and build bridges. Our success lies in engaging diverse demographics within the gaming space, crafting immersive experiences that embrace their talents and passions. Beyond entertainment, we empower aspiring enthusiasts, connecting them with high-class STEM careers and the skills to shape the future.



Shaon Berry, the visionary founder and CEO of The Metro Sports & Entertainment Group, leads a dynamic digital sports media, technology education, and event production company. Based in suburban Philadelphia, Metro Esports is on a mission to attract, engage, educate, and entertain a diverse community of gaming and technology enthusiasts nationwide.

Under Shaon’s leadership, Metro forges impactful partnerships with esteemed organizations and educational institutions such as The YMCA, Verizon, Microsoft, Logitech, Motown Records, Hot 97 Radio and Lincoln University. Together, they establish Gaming, Tech Education & Content Creation studios and programming across the nation, with new locations emerging annually across new schools and markets.

Known for his innovation in the sports industry, Shaon has crafted high-profile, community-focused, nationally televised sporting events. Prior to Metro, he masterminded The National Semper Fidelis All-American Football Platform (2011-2017), featuring the nation’s top athletic talent, emphasizing character, discipline, and academic excellence, producing custom tv shows and all-star contests watched on the CBS, NFL and ESPN Television Networks.

Beyond sports, Shaon brings over 25 years of senior and executive-level business management experience, spanning diverse industries like telecommunications, transportation, and healthcare. As a former Division 1 football player at the University of Pittsburgh and a graduate of Cornell University’s Executive Management program, Shaon’s multifaceted expertise shines brightly in the transition from traditional sports to digital sports and entertainment production.


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