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"Helping communities, schools, colleges and universities unlock the world of esports through state-of-the-art facilities, thrilling esports events, STEM education, engaging summer camps, and beyond!"

Metro Esports: Where Gaming and Culture Collide

The Heart Of The Fusion: Virtual and Live Tournaments

Welcome to the next-level gaming experience with Metro Esports! Envision customized, engaging content across multiple platforms, bridging the world of esports built for affinity through exhilarating virtual and live tournaments and experiences. That’s what we do.

1. Increase Recruitment & Retention Rates

Collegiate esports successfully increases student engagement, retention rates, and overall student satisfaction by building a vibrant community on and off campus.

2. Ignite Career Opportunities

Paid internships, hands-on work opportunities, and high-level career connections are a student’s future. The global esports market delivers valuable real-world experience with a constantly growing demand for skilled professionals in numerous fields.

3. Elevate The Athletic Reputation

Strategically integrating esports into a university's roster enhances the offer. Esports is a rapidly growing discipline that attracts large audiences and media attention like a high-powered magnet.

Doylestown, Pennsylvania
Warminster, Pennsylvania
Morrisville, Pennsylvania
Doylestown, Pennsylvania
YMCA - Greater Rochester NY
YMCA - Fairless Hills PA
Gwynedd Mercy Univ. PA
YMCA - Greater Rochester NY

Thriving Partnership: Maximizing Cultural Connections

Esports, the fastest-growing sport globally, finds its perfect partner in hip-hop, and we're thrilled to join forces with Hot 97 to maximize this cultural connection. Our leading division, Metro Esports, boasts state-of-the-art Gaming & Technology labs across the northeast.
And we're just getting started.

Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders: Creating an Innovation Center

Our new Gaming Lab at Lincoln University is a game-changer. The innovation center integrates esports into a custom STEM curriculum, providing boundless opportunities for student and community development. Esports isn't just a pastime; it's a sport that nurtures critical thinking, strategy, problem-solving, and analysis.

A $3 Billion Industry: Pathways to Future Careers

The esports industry's incredible $3 billion annual revenue speaks volumes about its potential. We're here to empower the youth, offering pathways to careers in a myriad of industries. With educational and esports programming, cutting-edge technology, and collaborations with corporate partners, we're paving the way for students to embark on a journey of success.

Ecosystem of Opportunity: Elevating Student Life

Metro Esports creates a whole new dimension of a student’s quality of life. For our community, we leave no stone unturned. Our ecosystem of opportunity ensures students are future-ready.

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