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The Power of Esports Is The Catalyst Of Growth To Colleges and Universities

Custom Design, Build, Construction, and Staffing of Gaming Labs & Content Creation Studios

Metro takes collegiate partners to the forefront of innovation, seamlessly integrating esports into the campus lifestyle. Our dynamic hub fosters connections, ignites passions, and unlocks unparalleled opportunities for students.

With a custom comprehensive esports athletic program and strategy tailored to your school, we deliver industry-leading recruitment, curriculum, training, team development, and competition.

Embracing the local esports scene, we cultivate scholastic programming and compelling community experiences, transforming your venue into a bustling destination for events, party rentals, summer camps, and more. Drive year-round revenue and achieve an integrated ROI as we pave the way for a transformative and lucrative journey for your institution.


  • Full design, build, and management of esports and tech facility
  • We identify your needs, build out programs and events, and host them
  • Metro operates competitive and casual esports activations
  • Custom-crafted event and program creation
  • Facility Design & Construction/Renovation
    • Networking Solutions
    • Hardware & Infrastructure
    • Engineering and Permitting
    • Software Solutions
    • Furniture Solutions
    • Event Management Systems
    • PC and Account Security Esports

OUR CAPABILITIES (On-Site/Virtual – Interactive)

To set your school apart, Metro brings the ability to service a wide market and aggregate a high revenue-generating model.

  • We identify your needs, build out programs and events, and host them.
  • A la carte monthly services
    • Staffing & Operations
    • Marketing
    • Esports Athletics, Training, & Curriculum
    • Sponsorship dev
    • Tech-ed Licensing

Metro Manages Center Automation:

  • Member Management and Retention
  • Camps & Tournaments
  • Live Esports Production & Broadcasting
  • Permanent Staffing & Program Management Solutions
  • User Management and Data Analysis
  • Safety & Security

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